Experience freefalling from up to 12,000 feet at 130 miles per hour!

You are a beginner as far as skydiving is concerned, but want to see the world from a different perspective and are looking for an adrenaline rush? Then a tandem jump is the best way for you to get started!

Here’s how it works …

One of our experienced tandem instructors will give you a detailed briefing on the procedures of parachute jumping. After that, you will join them in going up to the dizzying height of almost four kilometres. Getting there, you will have ample time to enjoy the breath-taking view. Once your tandem instructor has securely harnessed you to his or her suit, the door of the aircraft will open, and it’s “Ready for skydiving“.

Freefalling – Pure Adrenaline

You will jump from the plane and experience the unforgettable feeling of freefalling first-hand, until the chute opens at a height of 4,500 feet. On the way down, which will take between five and seven minutes, your tandem instructor will show you how to steer the parachute and land safely.

Requirements for tandem skydiving:
A usual basic fitness level is required for tandem skydiving with us.
A healthy musculoskeletal-system and a healthy cardiovascular system also is a standard requirement to skydive.
For sure you have to come alcohol- and drug free to your skydiving appointment.
Height and weight:
Between 1,40m and 2,00m everything is fine.
If you are smaller or taller please contact us before booking.
If your (Over-)weight is too high you can be excluded from skydiving for safety reasons.
The Body Mass Index is the best indicator to check this out before.
Women should have a BMI less than 27,5 and weight between 40kg and max 90kg.
Men should have a BMI less than 30 and weight between 40kg and max 90kg.
Within those parameters there is usually no problem at all to skydive.
If you do not fit in those parameters, it doesnt mean automically you can not skydive at all.
But we hardly recommend to you to get in touch with us before booking.
In some cases people with a low BMI can skydive also with more than 90kg.
For more information about that get in touch with us.
If you do not fulfill the physical requirements to skydive there wont be any kind of refund!
Minimum age is 14.
There is no maximum age for skydiving as long as the physical requirements are fulfilled.
If you are younger than 18 years your parents have to be at the dropzone with you, otherwise you can not skydive with us.

Important to note:

•   Minors need a statement of consent from a parent or legal guardian

•   You must have a healthy musculoskeletal and circulatory system

•   General fitness also needs to be good

•   if you weight over 14 stone contact your GP or a specialist before jumping

Booking and Preparation

To book a jump, just get in touch with us by phone, or use our Contact form to email us. You should set aside half a day for the experience, and refrain from drinking alcohol for at least eight hours leading up to the jump. We recommend comfortable clothing and trainers, and ask that you remove all jewellery before the jump.

You will find available time slots in our Calendar

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