Below you will find answers to the most common questions regarding tandem jumps

Is there an age or weight restriction to a tandem jump?

Requirements for tandem skydiving:
A usual basic fitness level is required for tandem skydiving with us.
A healthy musculoskeletal-system and a healthy cardiovascular system also is a standard requirement to skydive.
For sure you have to come alcohol- and drug free to your skydiving appointment.
Height and weight:
Between 1,40m and 2,00m everything is fine.
If you are smaller or taller please contact us before booking.
If your (Over-)weight is too high you can be excluded from skydiving for safety reasons.
The Body Mass Index is the best indicator to check this out before.
Women should have a BMI less than 27,5 and weight between 40kg and max 90kg.
Men should have a BMI less than 30 and weight between 40kg and max 90kg.
Within those parameters there is usually no problem at all to skydive.
If you do not fit in those parameters, it doesnt mean automically you can not skydive at all.
But we hardly recommend to you to get in touch with us before booking.
In some cases people with a low BMI can skydive also with more than 90kg.
For more information about that get in touch with us.
If you do not fulfill the physical requirements to skydive there wont be any kind of refund!
Minimum age is 14.
There is no maximum age for skydiving as long as the physical requirements are fulfilled.
If you are younger than 18 years your parents have to be at the dropzone with you, otherwise you can not skydive with us.

Are there health restrictions to a tandem jump? 

Yes: your musculoskeletal system – spine and joints – needs to be healthy. Also, you need a stable circulatory system and should not have any psychological illnesses. If you are in any doubt, please contact your GP or a specialist before booking a jump. Above and beyond that, a minimum level of physical fitness is necessary.

How much time should I plan in for my jump?  

You should set aside about half a day for a tandem jump. We conduct the briefing in groups for more efficient procedures. Bad weather can cause delays.

How long does the preparation take? 

The initial briefing on the ground takes about 30 minutes. During this period, the tandem instructor will explain the equipment and how it works, go through the different stages of the jump and demonstrate the right postures for jumping off, freefall and landing.

What height do I jump from, and how long does the tandem jump take?  

You jump from a height of about 12,000 feet (4,000 metres). You will be in freefall for about 50 seconds, followed by between five and seven minutes on the parachute before you land.  

Can friends or family come along on the plane or jump at the same time? 

In our experience, one of the greatest things about a jump is when your friends or family meet you on the ground after you land. If the sky is clear, they will have followed your jump all the way and be eager to celebrate it with you afterwards. If you jump at the same time, everyone is focused on his/her own jump and none of you will have this kind of feeling.

How hard is the landing? 

Not much harder than jumping off a chair. The extra-large parachute slows your speed down to a minimum. We will explain and demonstrate what to do at landing, both during the preparation briefing and while you are on the opened parachute. You should comply with these instructions.

What kind of clothing should I wear? 

Comfortable, casual clothing and trainers are best. We will provide you with a jumpsuit, leather cap and safety goggles without extra cost. 

Is it a problem if I wear glasses or contact lenses? 

We have special goggles to put on top of glasses, and contact lenses are not a problem at all. 

Do you jump regardless of weather?  

Of course not! Skydiving is an outdoor sport and highly dependent on weather conditions. In case of rain, heavy cloud cover or an impending thunderstorm, we postpone any jumps that may be planned. If the forecast predicts bad weather for the day of your jump, you should get in touch with us shortly beforehand to talk about how to proceed.

How long in advance should I book my tandem jump? 

You should book your jump by phone or via email two to three weeks before the requested date. We will also try to find a slot for short term inquiries.   

How much does a tandem jump cost?

Our current prices can be found here.

Can I give someone a voucher for a tandem jump as a gift?

Yes. Please follow the Gift Voucher link to order a jump for someone else. We post the voucher to an address of your choice as soon as the cost for the jump has been booked into our account.

Is it possible to get a video recording of my jump?

To provide you with a lasting reminder of your jump, we can record your jump on video and give you a DVD to take home afterwards. Please let us know that you want to book this option when you arrange your jump. You can find details on the cost at Tandem Jump/Prices

What if I enjoyed the experience so much that I want to become a skydiver myself?

In that case, you can take what is called an AFF Course with us, which with a little luck and talent will enable you to take your first solo jump within three to five days.